In this article simple and natural tips have been given which will tell you how to get long hair fast naturally. Every girl desires to have long and beautiful hair and also want to grow them faster. The natural growth of the hairs depends on many factors including vitamins, balanced diet, prescribed shampoos, treatments and also on the modern techniques of hair growth. The average growth rate of hairs is half inch n a month if the hair are given proper care and treatment. Without proper care the hairs can become rough, brittle and can break easily. The hair loss can occur at any age. There are also many things which can effect the natural growth of hairs of an individual. These can be emotional disturbance, dandruff genetic problems etc.

Tips To Get Long Hair Fast Naturally

Tips How To Get Long Hair Fast Naturally

Every one has his/her own tendency f hair growth but the following tips will help you to get long hair fast naturally:

Nutrition and diet is one of the major factors which decide about the health and growth of hairs. Amino acids and B complex vitamins are the primary nutrients essential for the hairs. The major part of the composition of hairs is constitute of proteins. So to get hairs grow fats firstly you need to increase the intake of proteins. Proteins are present in foods like fish, beans and yogurt. The proteins present in wheat germ, yeast and calves liver are best for the hairs.Green vegetables and fruits are also very good for the hairs.

Some simple home made remedies can also increase the hair growth. Firstly try to not use the fine tooth combs, as these combs entangle your hairs and break them prematurely. Use wide tooth combs that will not unnecessarily pull your hairs. Also not comb the hairs when they are wet, this leads to more breakage of hairs. A weekly massage of hairs with some oil e.g. lavender oil helps the hairs to grow fastly and also easily. Onion juice is also an excellent remedy to maintain the health of hairs. You can apply the onion juice to the scalp. This will encourage the new hair growth.

You can add strength to your hairs by conditioning them with henna paste. You can prepare a conditioner by taking a cup of henna powder, a yolk of egg and coconut milk enough to make the paste like consistency. Apply this paste on the hairs and leave this for about four hours or more time. This is very effective remedy to make hairs grow fast. Deep conditioning f the hairs is also very effective to have long hairs. There are tons of ways which can be used to condition the hairs and prevent the breakage.

You can make a paste of curd, jaggery and fuller’s earth and apply this paste on the scalp an hour before shampooing the airs. Do this once in two weeks and this will make your hair flow naturally long and beautiful. You can also follow a herbal hair growth formula to increase the hair growth. For this mix three tablespoons of castor oil, one table spoon vinegar and one egg. Massage this on the scalp and wash the hairs after 30 minutes.All these tips will help women to explore the tips how to get long and healthy hair fast naturally.

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