Simple beauty tips for cracked heels will help you to have beautiful and soft heels in short time. If you want to look beautiful complete then you should give attention to your full body not only to your face. Heels are the most sensitive as well as important part of human body. Heels balance the weight of your body. Cracked heels are common among many people. Cracked heels leave a very bad impression and these look very old. Many people who have tough routine suffer from this problem. This problem mostly happens in the winter season but it can also be seen in summer season. Mostly people who have 25 age face this problem but age factor is not the actual cause of this problem. Cracked heels can be due to many reasons such as dry skin, hard floors, diabetes and different skin problems, excessive feet activity, prolonged standing and sandals with open back.Cracked heels are also very painful.

Beauty Tips For Cracked Heels

Simple Beauty Tips For Cracked Heels

Following tips will help you to get rid of cracked heels:

  • Healthy diet is very essential to cure the cracked heels. Take a proper and healthy diet that is enriched with calcium such as yougurt, meat, fruits, milk and vegetables etc.
  • If you are working in which you have to stang for long time then try to wear closed end shoes and select soft and easy wearing shoes.
  • Wear socks wuth closed backs shoes daily for healing cracked heels.
  • Take concentrate lemon juice and dip the heels in that juice for almost 15 minutes. This juice is acidic and it will give you better results.
  • Take pure honey and apply a thick layer of it on cracked heels. It is also a good remedy for cracked heels.
  • Apply mixture of glycerin and rose water on the heels daily to make the skin of heels softer.
  • Pure coconut oil is also a good remedy for cracked heels. It gives soothing effects to the heels. You can alos use creams for cracked heels that have coconut in them.
  • Take warm water in a tub and add salt and Vaseline in it, after that dip your feet in this mixture for half an hour and then clean the heels with some rough cloth or heel brush. Apply heels cream or Vaseline before going to bed. You will feel better results in few days.
  • Banana due to multiple qualities can be used as a good moisturizer for heeling the cracked heels. Banana is enriched with Potassium and Vitamin A in large quantities. Apply the pulp of ripe banana on feet daily, this will not only clean the dry scaly dead cells of skin but will also make your feet pinkish.
  • Glycerin can be used as a cleaner for heels or can be diectly applied on the heels because it has the ability to stop the growth of hard and dead skn cells.
  • You can make your own moisturizer by mixing water, honey and olive oil. Mix them all together. Olive oil and honey are considered to be natural moisturizer that will make your feet soft and prevent further harmful cracking.

By following these simple beauty tips for cracked heel you will get rid of cracked feet and will be able to wear stylish shoes confidently.

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