The first time when you wear contact lenses is an incredible moment and you must know how to wear contact lenses for the first time easily to avoid any problems. Before you wear contact lenses you should know how to buy and wear contact lenses. Every where you look around yourself are details of nature like the leaves on the trees, all these details are perfectly sharp. And the technology of modern times that prepare the contact lenses over the past decade has made these details more comfortable than ever. But before getting contact lenses you must consider some important things such as the fitting of lens and always consult and eye specialist before using contact lenses. Contact lenses are of different types some are daily disposables, two weekly disposables, monthly disposables, extended wear lenses and multi focal lenses. These contact lenses are excellent alternatives of glasses and these help us to see better. The advantage of contact lenses is that these do not fall down as we bend down or play any sports. These also make us look fashionable and attractive as glasses does not suit certain face shapes.

How To Wear Contact Lenses For The First Time

How To Wear Contact Lenses Easily For The First Time

  • When using contact lenses do not think too much and also do not think that you are putting contact lenses in your eyes, actually you are placing contact lenses on your eyes, where these will going to rest comfortable and help you to see clearly. Putting contact lenses is an easy way.
  • First of all wash your hands. Your hands may carry germs, dust or any makeup particles, all these can be transferred to your contact lenses causing irritation in eyes if your hands are not clean. Use a mild soap without any heavy perfumes or moisturizers. Wash hands properly and then dry the. This is also important so that any unwanted thing does not get transferred to your eyes. Now insert the contact lenses.
  • The contact lenses for right and left eyes are specific and are also different. Like your shoes and these contact lenses can be get mixed interchangeably. When your contact lenses are out of the box they will look identical so start with the right eyes if you are right handed or with left eye, if you are left handed and do this every time while you put on the contact lenses. This will keep you straight in your mind. This is an easy way to put on lenses for the first time.
  • After getting lenses out of the box place the lens on the index finger. The curved surface should be upward. Clean the contact lens using contact lens solution and then you are ready to in the contact lenses.
  • Use your free hand and hold the eyelid with it and at the same time insert lens with the index finger. You can look away as the contact lens goes onto the eyes or you can also look straight at the lens.
  • Take note of any pain or discomfort you may have with contact lenses. If you think that something is not right with your lenses then remove them and cleanse them before trying again.
  • Blink eyes slowly so as not to dislodge the contact lens. Repeat the same process again for the other contact lens.

When putting contact lenses make sure that your finger is dry as contact lens will stick better then making it easier to put in.After knowing how to wear contact lenses for the first time easily it is also important to consider that after using contact lenses for few hours or for the whole day immediately remove them.

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