Women need to know how to use hair conditioner after shampoo as the application of conditioner depends upon the type of conditioner that you are using. Conditioning the hairs is a very important step in the hair care and in fact it is one of the basic step for the protection of hairs. Every woman and girl use some simple tips to improve their hairs and make them beautiful, applying conditioner is an important hair care tip for healthy hairs. Conditioning of the hairs is very important to make the hairs soft, smooth and tangle free. Many conditioners cover up the surface of hairs. Shampooing washes off the dirt from hairs and also it washes the styling product buildup. Shampoo also washes away the coating of conditioner. So conditioners are need to be applied after shampooing the hairs. Even the deep conditioners that penetrate into the hair shafts need to be applied again after specific time intervals because the environment constantly wears on the hairs and and the conditioner acts as a protector to protect the hairs for external environment. There are different types of conditioners and the techniques of the application of the conditioners also differ according to the type of conditioner being used.

How To Use Hair Conditioner After Shampoo

How To Use Hair Conditioner After Shampoo

If you are using an after shampoo conditioner wash the hairs as you do normally. Squeeze out the extra water from the hairs after shampooing. Take appropriate amount of conditioner in one hand. The amount on conditioner used depends upon the length and thickness of hairs. Put the hands together and rub with each other so that conditioner gets on both hands. Begin with the ends of your hairs and work upward to apply the conditioner. Let loose the ends of hairs. After that rinse your hairs with cool water until the sliminess of the conditioner is gone. You hairs will still be smooth and soft. After shampoo conditioner is recommended as the part of normal hair care routine. This conditioner helps to create manageable tresses and silky too. It also keeps the hair healthy by protecting them from the environment and it suits on all hair types.

The leave in conditioner adds shine and also manages the hair. It is a convenient conditioner because you do not need to wash it out. First for this conditioner dry the hairs. As it is a leave in conditioner so the dry hairs will absorb the conditioner well. Take conditioner in one hand and then spread it across both hands by rubbing the hands together. Gather the hair in your hands at the nape of neck as you are making a ponytail. Rub both hands down to the ends of the hairs. Do not start from the scalp because this conditioner should not be applied to the roots always start from the ears. Use finger tips to spread the conditioner between sections of hair. Comb through your hairs using a wide tooth comb to disburse the conditioner further.

For using deep conditioner dampen the hairs to allow the optimum conditioner absorption. Coat the hairs with the conditioner. Cover the hairs with a plastic bag or shower cap if the product requires it. Unwrap the hairs afterwards and shampoo hairs with the normal shampoo. A deep conditioner works on the damaged and dry hairs, it penetrate into the hairs and make the hairs soft and healthy. The deep conditioner treatment is not meant to be used for the everyday conditioning but you can use this treatment once in a week and it should be done prior to the normal washing of hairs. All the techniques given are for different types of conditioners telling you how to use hair conditioner after shampoo or before shampoo for women.

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