If you are looking for how to remove henna, mehndi from hairs naturally then this article is the right place for you. Henna has been used as hair dye since many years. Artificial hair colors have hydrogen per oxide in them which get absorbed in the hair and destroy the health of hairs. Real henna is very permanent hair dye, it is very fade resistant and is also very vivid. So before using henna, it should be strand tested. The following methods will not probably remove all the traces of henna specially on fair hair, however these will remove enough of the dye and will make red significantly less pronounced.

How Remove Henna From Hairs Naturally

How To Remove Henna, Mehndi From Hairs Naturally

One of the popular ways to remove henna or mehndi from the hairs and scalp naturally is by using mineral oils. Apply mineral oil in hairs and scalp and wrap your hairs with plastic bag. Leave this for few hours so that the oil get soaked in the hairs. Then wash the hairs normally and you will see that some of the henna color will come away with the oil. Clarifying shampoos and crystals can also remove henna color. Clarifying crystals can be obtained from the beauty supply stores and before using them mix these crystals in water until they form a gel.

Acid can also be used for removing the color of henna. You can soak your hairs in mild acidic solutions and this can result in fading the color of henna. You can use lemon juice, yogurt and vinegar as the acidic liquids for removing henna. Acidic liquids when used for removing henna color can make the hairs dry and brittle if are undiluted, so it is recommended to use these acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar with conditions. Some people also use the apple cider vinegar or yogurt on their hairs on regular basis for their natural haircare routine without noticing their effect on the henna color.

Fruit based strippers can also be used for removing henna from hairs with deep conditioning. Some people also use bleach to remove the color o henna. Bleach can remove the color of henna but sometimes bleach lighten the henna color to garish flaming orange. Also bleach is nervier considered safe for hairs in the natural haircare standards. Bleach damages hairs severely and it can also react badly with bleach. Bleach can react badly with the metallic salts that are present in some brands of compound henna and it can also melt hair. These are the simple and effective ways which will acknowledge you how to remove henna, mehndi from hairs naturally.

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