White spots are embarrassing and they kill the confidence, How to prevent white spots on skin with home remedies will help you to solve this problem. White spots or the white patches are known as Vitiligo in medical terms. White spots can appear on different parts of the body including face, hands, feet, legs, arms, lips, around the eyes and around mouth. The exact reason or cause of white spots is still unknown. Experts believe that this skin condition can be an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system of human body itself attacks on the melanin producing cells or melanocytes. There are also many other causes of white spots on skin which include overexposure to sun rays, Vitamin B12 deficiency, genetic predisposition and excessive stress. White spots on the skin can also result from the superficial fungal infections such as eczema, tinea versicolor or other skin conditions.

How To Prevent White Spots On Skin With Home Remedies

How To Prevent White Spots On Skin With Home Remedies Naturally

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  • Ginger can be used as a remedy to get rid of white spots on the skin. Ginger helps to increase the blood circulation. You can consume the ginger juice by mixing it with lemon juice and water. Consume this juice twice daily. You can also rub a small piece of ginger on the skin or make a paste of ginger and then apply it on the white spots for some tome. Ginger juice can also be mixed with red clay in proportion and then apply this on face. Leave this for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Increased blood flow in the region will improve the healing process and it will flush out all the infection causing bacteria.
  • Turmeric helps to treat white spots very effectively and is an excellent skin rejuvenating agent. Turmeric also has the antibacterial properties that will help to get rid of the bacteria that cause infection. Turmeric will also promote the quick healing of the infected skin because of its potent antiseptic property. Mix the turmeric powder with few drops of mustard oil in order to form a paste. Apply this paste on the area affected with white spots twice in a day on daily basis. You can also crush the leaves of neem and then mix them with water and turmeric powder to form a paste. Apply this paste on the white spots daily and continue this home treatment until the white spots disappear completely.
  • Honey contains the antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to deal with different skin infections, including the white spots on skin. Honey is absorbed by your skin and effectively eradicates the bacteria that cause infection. It also helps in healing of the infected skin. You can simple apply raw honey over the white patches after washing the face and let it settle properly. The skin will take almost 15 to 20 minutes to absorb the honey. Wash it afterwards using water. You can also make a paste using honey 2 tablespoons, turmeric powder 1 teaspoon, sandalwood powder 1 teaspoon and rice powder 1 teaspoon. Apply this paste on the white spots and let it dry properly. Wash it with cold water and repeat this remedy twice in a day to get desirable results.
  • You can apply cabbage juice on the white spots that will reduce the appearance of white spots and will also prevent their recurrences. Take few cabbage leave and grind them, take the cabbage juice and apply this juice on the white spots for about 10 minutes at the regular interval throughout the whole day. You can also boil some cabbage leave in water for about 15 minutes and then wash the infected skin with resultant solution. For quick and desirable results you can also place the cabbage leaves directly on the white spots for about 15 minutes twice in a day. After reading all these treatments you will easily understand how to prevent white spots on skin with home remedies.
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