The desire to know How To Get White Fingernail Tips At Home is obvious for women for making their hands look more beautiful. All women loves to flaunt their  well shaped and long nails. When girls have not applied nail polish they want their nails to look white and beautiful naturally. But it is not possible to have manicure daily for white fingernail tips. The overuse of nail products, use of cheap nail products, fungal infections and biting of nails can make the fingernail tips look ugly, can make the tips chipped, unattractive and discolored.

For beautiful, white and attractive fingernail tips you have to take care of cleanliness of the nails.

How To Get White Fingernail Tips At Home

How To Get White Fingernail Tips At Home

To Get White Fingernail Tips At Home proper care and proper cleaning of the nails along with the following home remedies is very important:

  • Take two denture tablets and dissolve these in a small bowl having one cup of warm water. After that soak your nails in this bowl for at least five minutes. Repeat this process once in a day for a whole week.
  • Clean the area under your fingernails at daily basis. Also keep the nails dry and wipe them off after taking a bath or a shower, This will help you to prevent nail infections and other nail problems as well.
  • Apply a strengthening nail polish to the nails of your toes and fingers. This will lock the moisture of nails in and help to protect the nails. For better results you can reapply the nail polish once in a week.
  • Clean the tips of toenails and fingernails with some whitening toothpaste or the toothbrush. As the toothpaste is used for whitening the teeth, it will have the same effect on the nails as it does on your teeth. Repeat this process once in a day until you get the desired shade of white on your nails.
  • Cut a lemon into thin slices. Take two cups of warm water in a bowl and then place the lemon slices in this bowl. Soak your nails in this bowl for five minutes. The lemon will help you to remove any of the stains from your nails.
  • Rub your nails daily with the hand lotion. This will help the nails to get the moisture they require to be strong and white.
  • Avoid using the nail polish remover frequently, specially the removers containing acetone, because acetone makes the nails dry and lead to the unhealthy nail color.
  • Take some warm water and in it add baking powder. Do this once in a white, this will give you white nail tips naturally.
  • White vinegar is a natural ingredient to get white fingernail tips naturally. Take warm water and soak your nails in it and in it add few drop of white water. Dip nails in this mixture for 8-10 minutes.

After applying all these natural and homemade remedies you will get to know How To Get White Fingernail Tips At Home naturally and fastly.

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