To retain the health and beauty of hairs and to look stylish it is very important to know how to curl hair without heat naturally. Women are very conscious about their hair styles while going in any party of function. Hairstyles make you look more beautiful and add a glamor in your personality. Modern technology has made it very easy to get the hair style you think of by using the styling tools wisely without damaging your hairs. Curls look flattering on all the hair types, lengths and colors. Curls are very famous hair style among girls and this can be created on every occasion. The curling irons make it easy to create curls in lesser time. But the heat of the curling irons is not good for the health and beauty of your hairs. The heat of blow driers and curling irons can damage you hairs over time badly. However there are many other natural ways that can help you to make curls with using the damaging and expensive equipments.

How To Curl Hair Without Heat Naturally

How To Curl Hair Without Heat Naturally

The following methods will help you to learn how to make tight curls, natural waves, vintage curls and voluminous waves by using natural, easy and inexpensive techniques without heat:

By Using T-Shirt:

First of all wash your hairs and comb out the tangles. Cut a T-shirts into long strips starting from the neck with the help of scissors. Make strips as wide as you want the curls to be. Instead of T-shirt you can also use long socks, dish towel or other such clothing items. Use a comb and separate and small sanction of your hairs from the rest. Line up bottom of T-shirty wit end of your hair. Roll your hairs up towards the roots. After rolling the hairs and strip upto the scalp, tie the ends of strip to hold the rolled hair in place. Wait for several hours or go to bed with hairs rolled into strips. When your hair are completely dry, untie the strips and loosen your hairs. Do this gently if you want tight curls and for looser curls, run a wide toothed comb through hair to separate them into waves.

Braiding Method:

Wash your hairs and gently comb out the tangles. Part the hairs down the middle and braid the two sections tightly, after that fasten the ends with a rubber band or hair tie. For looser looking waves, try to use one single braid down the back than braiding two parts. And for tighter curls, separate your hair into three or four sections and braid each one. Wait for several hours. When the hairs are completely dry, remove the rubber bands and unbraid your hair. You natural looking waves run your fingers through the hairs.

Headband Method:

Wash your hair or simple get them wet. Take a soft elastic headband, the type that wraps all the way around the head keeping hairs out of your face. Wrap your hairs around headband in section and use hairpins to pin the ends in place. Continue till all your hairs are wrapped around the headband. Go to sleep wearing the headband to make the hairs completely dry. When hairs are completely dry unpin each section of hair and let the curls down. Continue until your hairs are completely loose.This method will create vintage curls.

After reading this article you will clearly understand how to curl your hair without using heat naturally.

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