For a complete and perfect looking makeup you must know how to apply lipstick perfectly. Some common mistakes in makeup which ruin your overall look are wrong color of the lipstick, lips that have been drawn on and heavy lip liner. Women who are unsure of how to wear lipstick usually skip this step which totally make makeup look unbalance. Applying a lipstick can be tough sometimes, specially when you want to apply dark shade. But the tips given in this article will help you to apply lipstick easily and in small time. Perfect looking lips begin and can be attained with an ideal lip line.

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

The tips given in this article will help you to have a complete and perfect makeup by telling you how to apply lipstick perfectly. The first and foremost step for applying lipstick is preparing the lips. The lipstick will obviously would not look good if the lips are chapped, dry and have cracks, no matter how hard you have tried. So before you apply lipstick take care of the hard, dry and chapped lips and make them soft by moisturizing with lip balm. Choosing a right lipstick is also very important. Not all the lipstick shades look good on everyone. What lipstick shade is right for you is determined by the color of your skin.

According to general rule the people with redheads and brunettes should wear deeper colors and the blonds should try to wear light shades so that the lipstick shade compliments their skin tone. Similarly brown, corals and oranges shades tend to make the teeth look yellowish. Try to wear the shade which has the hint of blue to make the teeth look whiter. If you want that your lipstick last longer of your lips then you must fill in the lips with a lip liner as a base before apply the lipstick. Never apply a dark line with a light shade lipstick. As light lips and dark liner is tacky and this simply looks horrible. Instead you can use a nude liner if you want to apply a lighter shade lipstick.

Applying lipstick depends on the choice of women. Some women apply the lipstick directly on the lips with tube or stick while some women use the lipstick brushes. You should choose the way which you find easy. If you are using brush then firstly make sure that the brush is clean and dry. Start applying lipstick from the center of the lips and then draw it outwards towards the lip line. After that fill the whole lips with the shade. After applying lipstick blot the lips so that the lipstick lasts for longer. Blotting of lips can simple be done with a tissue paper. After that apply the second layer of the same lipstick to get the right color on the lips.

After applying second layer you can again blot the lips so that the excess lipstick gets off and you get a perfect look. To give a final touch to the lipstick apply a little lip gloss. Apply the gloss on the center of the lower lip and then get the both lips together so that some gloss comes on the upper lips to give a filling look. If you do not like the glossy lips then you can simple exclude this step. Try not to smooth the lips together as this can waste your whole hard work. Keep these tips in mind while applying lipstick and also tell others how to apply lipstick perfectly.

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