Best lip scrubs for women given in this article will help you to remove the dead skin cells from the lips leaving you soft and smooth lips. Many of us face the dry lips problem, specially in Ramazan month due to fasting this problem is increased. Every one wants to have luscious lips that are beautiful, for this you have to banish the dry lips by exfoliating the lips on regular basis. The best way to exfoliate the lips by using the lip scrub. If your lips are dry then just applying lipstick can not give them smooth and soft look. Your lip color will also look uneven. The best scrubs for lips are the ones prepared at home and these also do not need much time but if you do not have these then there are also number of lip scrubs available in the market for smooth lips. Lips scrubs helps to get rid of chapped and cracked lips that are also painful. The best thing about these scrubs is that they have different tastes and everyone can have the lip scrub of his or her own choice and taste.

Best Lip Scrubs For Women

Best Lip Scrubs For Women

Mint Lip Scrub:

Mint lip scrub is one of the best lip scrubs for women. This mint lip scrub is very effective for the dry lips and gives a cool feelings. It makes the lips soft and smooth in short time period. Convenient packing is one of its advantages, ts packing make it easy in using and helps to keep it with you all the time.


Fabulips is one of the best lip scrubs and comes first among all. In this lip scrub there are fine grains of sugar which make this lip scrub creamy and also a perfect exfoliator. This lip scrub will nourish your lips and convert the dry and dead lips skin into smooth and soft skin. By using this scrub your lips will also be save from getting further cracking and chapping.

Lemon Lip Scrub:

This is another excellent lip scrub for women. In this lip scrub lemon has been added. Lemon provides r=the perfect citrus burst exfoliating power to bring your lips back to shine and life. Scrubs with lemon and citrus helps to stimulate the flow of blood and keeps your lips healthier for a long time. SO if you have the cracked lips problem then use the lemon scrub.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub:

Bubblegum lip scrub is the scrub which is attractive for women because of its name. Bubblegum lip scrub is a very sweet exfoliator for the dry and dead skin of the lips. The taste of this lip scrub is jut like the taste of candy. This lip scrub has oil and sugar in it. Sugar gives it a sweet taste and oil make the dry and dull lips smooth and lively.

All these Lip scrubs are very effective and show good and permanent results. These best lip scrubs for women are easily available in the market and are also not very expensive.

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