Natural oils are the best hair oils for dry / damaged hairs. The reputation of oils are very bad. When ever oils are mentioned any where people become afraid that their hair will become greasy and oily looking. But oils play an important role in repairing the damaged hairs. Also while applying oil in your hairs, do not let leave this for a long time because it will attracts dirt and dust. All oils are not friendly with the hairs. It depends on your hair type whether which oil will suit your hairs. Its better to use natural oils to protect, maintain, repair and moisturize your hairs.

Best Hair Oils For Dry & Damaged Hair

Best Hair Oils For Dry Damaged Hair

below are given some best hair oils which can repair the dry and damaged hairs:

Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is very good for repairing the damaged hairs. Even if you can processed your hairs chemically, avocado oil is perfect for you then too. For brittle, damaged and dry hairs this oil is very effective treatment. Avocado oil is full of amino acids and vitamins which are healthy for the hairs and thus in this way it helps to prevent the further damage to the hairs. The amino acids present in this oil maintain and restore the health of scalp and promote the healthy cell growth while the vitamins feed the follicles of hair and protect the scalp. This oil is also packed with fatty acids which help to feel hair soft and imparts shine to them. Avocado oil is best for dry hairs and for better results leave it for a while. You can also mix this oil with your conditioner for strong moisturizing power.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is also known as wonder oil due to its benefits. Coconut oil is high in nutrients and fatty acids due to which it is a heavy oil. The main benefit of coconut oil is that it aids and repair the hair breakage and reduce it. Coconut oil is high in proteins, which help to keep hair strong and it breaks less. This oil is also a great sealant but it can make the hairs little oily too. So you should use this oil as pre shampoo treatment.However for dry, course or thick hair it can be used as both pre and post shampoo treatments.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is also used in many hair care products such as hair serums, pomades, conditioners, waxes and also host of many other products. This oil is a carrier oil and many of the hair oil blends using essential oils mixed with it. This oil makes that hair manageable and more soft. For straight, limp and fine hairs olive oil is a perfect option. This oil can mix well in conditioners, hair creams, hair lotions and hair dressings. For the homemade moisturizing hair products olive oil serves as great oil base.

From the above mentioned oils which will be best for your hairs depends on your hair type and needs. Also try to use the hair oil firstly sparingly to avoid using more than the hairs need. Also if you apply too much oil then removing this oil also become difficult. All these oils are best hair oils for dry / damaged hairs and makes the hair soft, straight and moisturized.

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