Benefits of rose water for skin and hair are countless. Pure rose water is the distilled water of rose flowers. It is usually prepared by stream distillation, it tastes delicious and also smells heavenly. In the market there are many cosmetics available which ensure to make your skin and hair healthy and beautiful but now a days people want natural and chemical free products to enhance their beauty. One of such natural products which is believed to have hair beautifying and therapeutic properties is the rose water. Rose water and rose oil are found in many cosmetic products these days. And these are the oldest skin and hair care products.  Rose water has certain antibacterial and antiseptic properties which make it suitable for curing certain skin problems.

Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin & Hair

Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin And Hair

Following are given some of the benefits of rose water for skin and hairs:

Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin:

For last many centuries rose water has been used as the skin toner. Rose water does not only purifies your skin but also prevent it from acne. Rose water adds glow and smoothness to your skin. This also helps to tighten the loose skin. One of the essential benefits of rose water in summer in healing the sunburn. It plays important role in healing sunburn and wounds. Rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps in reducing redness from irritated or over heated skin.

Rose water is the best natural cleanser. Rose water accumulate the clogged pores of the skin thus remove the dirt from the skin and helps to get clean skin. It has astringent properties and is used for clean ups to close open pores and after facials. Using rose water after streaming tightens the capillaries, bitchiness and reduces redness. It is best for anti-aging effects. Rose water helps in purifying the skin. It does not only glows the skin but also helps to get rid of all impurities but result in acne and pimple in future.

Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair:

One of the important benefit of rose water is that it helps in the hair growth. It not only helps in  hair volume but also helps in growth of the hairs. All you have to do is take a half cup of rose water and massage your hairs and scalp with this after shampooing your hairs. After that wash your hairs. Rose water helps to control dandruff. It also helps with inflammation. It increases the health of hair and scalp. It also makes the hair strong.You can also mix rose water with glycerin and apply this on hair. It also helps to control dandruff.

Rose water improves the circulation of blood which results in promotion of hair growth. Rose water is considered an important moisturizer for the hairs. It not only moisturizes the hair but also condition them naturally. Add few drops of rose water in your shampoo and feel the difference. Long lasting fragrance is also an advantage of rose water.Adding drop of rose water in your shampoo will give your hair long lasting fragrance of roses. Benefits of rose water are not only limited for the skin and hair, it also has many benefits for teeth.

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